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Plaza Kids

Plaza Kids course is designed for kids ages 4-12 years old.

Single Plaza Lessons

Single Plaza lessons are purchased individually for students wanting to learn Spanish at their own pace.

Plaza VIP Memberships

Our VIP Memberships are subscriptions for longer periods of active learning. They are designed to help students thrive in their learning journey at the most cost effective price.

VIP4: 4 Lesson credits a month

VIP8: 8 Lesson credits a month

VIP12: 12 Lesson credits a month

Yes, you are able to split credits between different Plaza Students registered in your account. Please keep in mind that we currently have a limit of 4 credits a month per student.

All unused credits will expire 30 days from purchase date.

All supplementary material can be found on the Student portal. Students will have access to the lesson material after each class.

Their progress can be found on the Parent Portal. Within this portal, your student’s toolbar will show medals achieved, and the units and lessons completed. In addition, our tutors will submit feedback after each completed lesson.

Currently we offer a maximum of 4 lessons a month per student.

Each of our Major Course Units have 21 lessons in total. Our Introduction Unit has 10 lessons.

Although our curriculum is created for kids ages 4 to 12, we understand each child learns differently. If you believe your child can still benefit from our program, please contact us at

Payments will be taken directly from your bank account once a lesson or package is purchased. For our Plaza VIP Memberships, recurring payments will be automatically taken out of your account each month on the day you originally signed up.

Single Plaza Lesson $18

Plaza VIP Memberships

VIP4 $68 per month:4 Lesson credits per month
VIP8 $128 per month:8 Lesson credits per month
VIP12 $180 per month:12 Lesson credits per month

When logging into the parent portal, you have access to the Plaza calendar which will display the available slots.

No credits will be deducted from your account when you reschedule or cancel your lesson with 24 hour notice.

If your child misses a lesson that wasn’t previously rescheduled or canceled with 24 hour notice, the lesson will be finished as “No Show” and the credit will be deducted from your account.

Once a Plaza Lesson or Plaza VIP Membership has been purchased, you have up to 72 hours from date of purchase to request for a full refund. Such requests must be done by emailing

The safety of each student is our priority. All Lingo Plaza tutors undergo a strict interview process and must pass a background check. Also, our system automatically records every lesson for teaching quality control and child safety.

Please visit our Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions for more information of our approach on the safety of minors.

  1. Under your child’s image, check your microphone, camera, and sound to make sure they are working fine in the classroom.
  2. Make sure you are close to the router.
  3. Restart your router and shut down other online programs that consume data.
  4. If these above do not work, please exit the classroom then re-enter.
  5. Test your speed here:

You can test your internet speed here:

Ping: This is the amount of time it takes data to travel from your device to a server. The larger the number, the slower websites/lessons will load. Anything under 300 for ping should allow for a smooth experience.

Download: This tells you how quickly data will come to you. The higher the number, the better. The download speed recommended is between 15-25 for streaming HD video, so this will be more than sufficient for a smooth lesson.

Upload: This tells you how quickly you can send data to us. Aim for above 5 Mbps for a smooth lesson. The higher the number, the better.

For additional help: please contact us via email at

Please include screenshots or pictures of the issue, any internet speed tests, and a brief explanation so we will better understand the issue and be able to help in a timely manner.

*If it turns out the issue is with our system or on the tutor’s side that impacts the lesson quality for your child, we will compensate the lesson. If the issue is with your internet or equipment, we will not compensate the lesson but can try to help troubleshoot.

A very slow speed will cause noticeable lag in the classroom experience, but our tutors will work with you to try to continue lesson when possible. You can try using a mobile hotspot, if possible, to allow your child to continue taking the lesson.

Although our platform is made to be used on a computer or a tablet for an optimal experience, we understand life happens and is constantly on the go; this is why our platform can be used on a phone.

*Please, keep in mind that the image and/or the video format might be affected. Lingo Plaza will not be responsible for the usage charges of mobile data.

Although we suggest downloading our app for an optimal experience, you can also access the different portals through our website.