About Us

Raising multicultural kids, we quickly recognized the need for engaging and innovative tools to support the Spanish language learning journey for our kids. After months of searching for the right tools, we decided to launch Lingo Plaza, designed with kids and families in mind.

Lingo Plaza is an innovative platform built to provide an immersive experience and safe creative space for kids to engage and connect with cultures all around the world. With 1:1 sessions with native speakers, gamification elements to engage and motivate, progress tracking so that parents can be involved every step of the way, we truly provide an unparalleled experience for the entire family.

Our mission as a company is simple – to bring access to high-quality education into the homes of millions of families around the world, regardless of their background and social status, to break down cultural and language barriers.

We hope you’ll join us!

Your Plaza Familia,

Lily + Daniel